Foto © Lars Hennings

„Touch the ground and dance forever!" Keith Hennesy

Current Activities

Dance Teacher

Core Teacher in the LABAN/BARTENIEFF MOVEMENT STUDIES – CERTIFICATE PROGRAM in Berlin of EUROLAB e.V. (European Association for Laban/Bartenieff Movement Studies) and in the EDUCATION PROGRAM IN DANCE THERAPY at Neuraum Berlin, „Dance Intensive Program“ and „Dynamic Improvisation“ at Tanzfabrik Berlin, Dance and Bodywork Workshops at TUT – THE SCHOOL FOR DANCE, CLOWNING AND THEATER in Hannover, „Exploring the Inner” - dance and bodywork workshops at Kunstquartier Bethanien and Tanzfabrik Berlin

Body Coach

Trainings for managers together with the business coach Caroline Meder, Introduction courses in „Bartenieff Fundamentals“ at Tanzfabrik Berlin, TUT Hannover and Freiburg

Other Teachings

Movement, Health, Dance, Pedagogics for educators in kindergarden, schools and houses for handicapped people, also class teacher, facilitator in practical courses, schedule development and teamwork at gfp, Association for Social Work and Health in Berlin

Performance Work

GLOBAL WATER DANCES BERLIN, part of the choreographic team in commission for EUROLAB E.V., an international outdoor performance project about water issues with professional and non-professional dancers;

Performances with the interdisciplinary ensemble PERFORMANCEBÜHNE BERLIN

Further Experiences

As Dance Teacher

1989-2015    Dance Teacher for dynamic improvisation, performance, trapeze-dance and stage work at different

                   places and organizations e.g. Tanzfabrik Berlin e.V., Stadtteilzentrum Kreuzberg, Fabrik Potsdam,

                   Goldbekhaus Hamburg, TUT – the school for dance, clowning and theater in Hannover, “Kombikunst”

                   in Ravensburg, Laban/Bartenieff Movement Studies Certificate Program in Berlin, „Dance Intensive

                   Program“ at Tanzfabrik Berlin, Education Program in Dance Therapy at Neuraum Berlin

As Body Coach

1994-2015    Introduction courses in Bartenieff Fundamentals at Tanzfabrik Berlin

2003-2005    Choreographic Coaching for Dancers and Circus z. B. „Daumenkino“

2007            Body Coaching for Mediators at “Mediationsbüro Mitte”, Berlin

2010-2012    Choreographic Coaching for the Girls Choir Berlin

2012-2015    Management-Training in the Field of Architecture and Construction Work e.g. „Dragon-Killer“ with

                   Caroline Meder

Other Teachings

1994-2015    in different Schools for Health Care and Social Work in Berlin and Brandenburg, e.g. at gfp,

                   Association for Social Work and Health in Berlin with topics: Movement, Health, Creative Dance,

                   Sports, Pedagogics for educators in kindergarten, schools and houses for handicapped people or

                   seniors, Leadership and Stress-Management for advisors in the social field

Leadership in Groups and Projects

1994-2016    Leading projects of different Dance and Performance Groups e.g. Slices Ensemble Berlin,

                   Airborn Dancers and Global Water Dances Berlin

1980-1985    Leading young people in the church at BDKJ (Bund Deutscher Katholischer Jugend = Youth

                   Association of the catholic church in West Germany)

Other Experiences in Education and Teaching

1987-2003    Teamleader of Education Courses for young men in the civilian service – treating elderlies or

                   handicapped people organized by Caritas Stuttgart and Freiburg and Diakonisches Werk




2003-2005    Certificate for Gyrokinesis Level1 and Dynamic Yoga for the Back with Anke Hauerstein, Berlin

                   and Juliu Horvath, Bad Krozingen

2000-2003    Trainings in Trapeze-dance with Clover Catskill at Goldbekhaus Hamburg and in Nancy-Topf-

                   Technique, a Bodywork, New York City, USA

1995-1996    Communication Trainings at Coaching Academy Bielefeld and Berlin

1993-1994    Certificate in Laban/Bartenieff Movement Studies, CMA (Certified Movement Analyst) in Berlin at

                   EUROLAB e.V. (European Association for Laban/Bartenieff Movement Studies) and LIMS (Laban

                   Institute of Movement Studies, New York City, USA)

1992-1992    Studies in Education and Pedagogics with special emphasis on Education for Adults, at Eberhard-

                   Karls-Universität Tübingen and Freie Universität of Berlin, ended with a Master's Degree in Education

1988-1989    Studies in the USA: Dance and Social Work at Portland State University of Portland/Oregon

1983-1983    Final Examinations at German secondary school with grade 1,3 in Mühlacker, Enzkreis, Germany