Foto © Lars Hennings 

From playful swinging like a child, over speedy spiraling and dreamy floating to the airy access to space in flying

Trapeze dance is a form of New Dance with integrated acrobatic elements and started in the USA with Clover Catskill. Compared to the trick oriented use of the fixed trapeze technique trapeze dance uses the swinging and turning elements as base for colorful dynamics. Through a good warm-up with bodywork, Bartenieff Fundamentals, contact improvisation and Yoga you get a good and secure base to dance with the double trapezes. For beginners they hang low like children's swings and horizontal bars they can be higher.  Everyone can experiment in his or her own speed. With playfulness you can explore your own movement patterns and find new ideas.

An exciting experiment and a lot of fun – like the dream of flying and the ease of childhood.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Fotos © Lars Hennings 

Here you can book workshops for children and adults with different levels of experience in dance and trapeze work. You need a big movement space with a ceiling at least 5 meters high and one hanging opportunity for each trapeze. For more details and questions feel free to write me an E-MAIL.