Photo © René Ritschel

I am a dancer, trapeze-dancer, dance and trapeze teacher - mostly based on Laban/Bartenieff material - and have a Master's Degree in Education.

SINCE 1994 I am performing in Germany and other countries with different interdisciplinary ensembles with mutual dialogue between dance, music and space, for example the Slices-Ensemble, the Airborn Dancers, the performancebühne Berlin and the Global Water Dances Berlin.


My special interest is the intensive and sensitive DIALOGUE with live music, especially with new and improvised music, and with extraordinary performance spaces like a water reservoir, an old public bath, parks and harbors.


I am a passionate teacher for dance, bodywork and performance for over twenty years. My TEACHING focuses on strengthening the personal expressivity of the dancer and mover in technique or improvisation classes and connecting bodywork 

with dance as well as bodywork, movement and coaching on a very deep level. The COACHING can be a choreographic one, where I help artists to clarify and intensify their artistic expression in their work - or it can be about self growth and for working on body issues.


I am teaching also in the EUROLAB Certificate Programs in Laban/Bartenieff Movement Studies, the Dance Therapy Education Program at Neuraum Berlin, a private school for education and at TuT - the School for Dance, Clowning And Theatre (Hannover).


At the moment I am part of the application team for Modern Dance in Germany as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage and for that have worked on THIS FILM.