"If you let go, something will happen." Paul Williams

Exploring the Inner

From 11 am to 5 pm at Studio 2 of Kunstquartier Bethanien, Berlin


During this open deepening workshop series taking as a base the essential body work of Irmgard Bartenieff, we will take the time to explore our own body, our movement patterns and the connections and muscle chains within the body and also to change them. 

This intensive body work together with the Effort and Space Harmony knowledge of Rudolf Laban will allow us then to discover newly our own movement and dance expression and enjoy them in a playful way. It will also allow us to develop our creativity and to experience it together with a partner and with the whole group.

Anyone with specific movement experience practice is welcome -  the workshops are even for movement experts extremely enriching! Each workshop forms a self-contained unit with different thematic focuses each time.

Next dates:

September 28  &  November 2, 2019


Organizer: RENE KRAMER  

+49 1573 87 111 83   rene.jkramer@gmail.com 


Price: 55€ Early Bird via bank transfer at least two weeks beforehand, resp. until Sept. 16 and Oct. 21.

Afterwards: 60 € per bank transfer or on the spot.

Laban Movement Studies - Workshop

Laban movement studies (also known as “Labananalysis”) are a tool to capture the variety and complexity of movement. They explore the categories of body, space, shape and dynamics (effort), to identify personal preferences, to increase expressiveness and to develop creative skills. Dance improvisation, set movement sequences and feedback discussions are included in the course to bring the practical work into a theoretical perspective.

The introductory course in Laban Movement Studies (20 hrs) is one of the pre-requisite for the EUROLAB CERTIFICATE PROGRAMS IN LABAN/BARTENIEFF MOVEMENT STUDIES.


Date and Place:

June 7 to 10, 2019

Tanzfabrik Berlin




Dancing Arts - Introduction to a dance pedagogical further education

The joy of dancing, of expressing one’s own (life) feelings in dance and of finding the appropriate forms of expression for them, is an essential concern of this further education. Only on the basis of one's own experience is it possible to work effectively with different target groups in dance education.

Especially in times of alienation from one's own body, e.g. due to exaggerated ideals or a lack of movement in everyday life, there are hardly any limits to the many possible uses of dance in pedagogical or social fields of work. Dancing promotes confidence in the sensual perceptive faculty and can expand limitations in body language expression. Dancing strengthens self-confidence.

The development of the own abilities to improvise and to recognize and use creative moments form the core of the basic

seminars. We use the methods of the Laban Movement Theory and the Bartenieff Fundamentals. Their basics are especially helpful for the design and analysis of dance.

An essential component is also mutual observation. The participants learn to put into words and to reflect on the seen dance events. They learn to expand their personal possibilities in dance expression as well as to recognize and promote these possibilities in others.

This introductory weekend serves to get to know the working method and gives an overview of the topics of the coming eight weekends.